Discovering Botswana – Immensity, intensity, a breath of eternity, which sums up the extraordinary feeling of a surprising confrontation with the origin of humanity

The story of a trip to Botswana can't begin with "Once Upon a Time", it begins with "Since the world is a world ... Faced with these untouched landscapes, we immediately feel that it is our ancestral fear. nature that will be domesticated and especially not of other species ... After Johannesburg, we landed in Maun, small enclave: huts piled in the middle of a great plain, and the runway where you will find a squadron station Taxi planes, cockpit whiteness, 5 seats, friendly pilot and first thrill in the roar after take-off As far as the eye can see, large dishes poisoned by the spheres of salty and large lakes, craters with metal reflections. in a lunar, arid, dry landscape, there is suddenly a thin coastline to which the plane turns and then flies at low altitude to dislodge the zebras, the impalas that sit in the open. of this cracked land, on the edge of a dry lake appears the camp. Canvas tents blend with decoration.

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