What to Expect at the Yi Peng Lantern Festival 2019

Thailand is well-known for its distinct as well as dynamic events, as well as a lot of Thai celebrations are rooted in the practices as well as ideas of the old Thai individuals from the past. The Yi Peng event is definitely no exemption, as it began with the old Lanna Kingdom (1292 ~1775).

Every year, an incredible scene overhead unravels in Chiang Mai for the Yi Peng event, as well as you can be certain that this event will certainly leave you out of breath. If you would like to know what to anticipate at Chiang Mai’s a lot of lovely event, make certain to keep reading!

1. What is the Yi Peng Festival?

|Where: Northern Thailand (primarily in Chiang Mai)

|When: The moon day of the 2nd month of the Lanna lunar schedule, so the precise day modifications each year. This year, it will certainly be commemorated on November 11 ~13, 2019

Yi Peng is a skies light event that primarily takes place in north Thailand, as well as it accompanies the across the country well known Loi Krathong event Throughout the event, hundreds of rice paper lights called Khom Loi are launched right into the air, embellishing the skies with a warming radiance.

Sending the lights off right into the skies is indicated to signify sending out away misfortune. It is especially thought about an all the best if your light vanishes from view prior to the candle light heads out. Some individuals additionally make a desire as they release their light.

2. Exactly How is Yi Peng various from Loi Krathong?

Many individuals usually misinterpret that the Yi Peng event as well as Loy Krathong coincide, as these occasions accompany each various other. Actually, the Yi Peng Festival is really a smaller sized component of the Loy Krathong Celebrations.

Loy Krathong additionally just lasts for one evening on the moon of the 12 th month of the typical Thai schedule, while the Yi Peng event is commemorated over 2 ~ 3 days.

In the Yi Peng Festival, lights in your area called Khom Fai or Khom Loy are lit as well as launched up right into the skies with the hopes of all bad luck to vanish with the light. It is thought that if the light vanishes from view, you’re absolutely recovered from the misery as well as will certainly be devoid of any kind of misfortune the following year!

Similarly, throughout the Loy Krathong parties, a krathong, which is a “watercraft” or “basket” constructed from banana tree trunk as well as covered in banana fallen leaves are sent out afloat a river or a body of water, with a comparable definition to want away all the misfortune, grudges versus others as well as concerns to make sure that one can begin fresh. Therefore the name of the party being Loy Krathong. In Thai, words “Loy” implies ” to drift” as well as ” krathong” is a ” basket”

In old times, this event was to pay aspects to the Goddess of Water. The krathongs would certainly be embellished as high as feasible with elegant decors as well as blossoms. It will certainly constantly have a candle light to revere Buddha too. Individuals would certainly usually place hairs of hair, nail as well as toe nail cuttings or strips of fabric from old clothing in the idea that grudges as well as misfortune will certainly be removed.

As you can see, the only distinction in between these 2 parties is the technique of wanting away any kind of misfortune in intend to begin a fresh life tidy from wrong.

Loy Krathong is an event commemorated all throughout Thailand, yet the celebrations as well as charm goes to its ideal in Chiang Mai. So if you’re spending time Chiang Mai while of the event in November 11 th ~ 13 th, look into the event scenic tour we provide you at the Pink Nakorn Riverside Hotel!

Enjoy a remarkable minute enjoying numerous lights brighten the skies as they drift up as well as additionally drift your very own krathong as well as desire all the misfortune away! Afterwards take pleasure in a tasty Thai design buffet supper!

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3. Can I participate in the Yi Peng event as a vacationer?

One of the primary factors individuals wish to most likely to the Yi Peng event is to release their very own light as well as break a picture of the mass launch of lights.

However, what lots of people do not actually recognize is that the primary Yi Peng occasion is specifically placed on for citizens just around Mae Jo University. If you wish to go there as a non-local, the ticket rate would certainly be around THB 5,600 ~12,500, which has to do with USD 170 ~380 Also if you want to pay that much cash, it will certainly be practically difficult to obtain the ticket for the Mae Jo occasion.

But do not fret, as there are some personal Yi Peng occasions that travelers can participate in too, as well as they are significantly less expensive (USD 90 ~130) than the Mae Jo occasion.

They are generally the very same occasion as the Mae Jo yet on a smaller sized range. They have to do with half the dimension of the Mae Jo occasion. It is still an incredible occasion as well as an excellent alternative for individuals that do not wish to pay minimal USD 170 for a ticket.

At these personal Yi Peng occasions, you can launch your very own light right into the skies. The experience just would not coincide if you could not release the light on your own. You will certainly additionally reach take lots of enchanting images.

Tip: The Yi Peng Festival is one of the most preferred occasion in Chiang Mai, therefore it’s ideal to intend as early as feasible. Undoubtedly, tickets will certainly market out rapidly. If you’re certain that you will certainly participate in the occasion, acquire your tickets below today!

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4. What else takes place throughout the Yi Peng Festival?

Of program, the establishing of the lights may be one of the most vital part of the event, yet there are lots of various other tasks taking place to finish the celebrations, consisting of typical Thai prayer routines, light decor competitions, as well as the Miss Yi Peng contest. There are additionally expositions, ceremonies, as well as fireworks.

If you purchase the ticket for the Yi Peng event, you do not need to pay additional for supper as it is consisted of in your ticket rate. Likewise, you will certainly be happily shocked to locate several suppliers supplying various kinds of Thai food at the occasion.

The occasion places for Yi Peng are usually not near to the town hall as those flying lights can be harmful to individuals as well as aircrafts. Therefore, make certain if your ticket consists of round-trip transfer solution to the occasion place unless you’re alright with making your means to the place by yourself.

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