Everything About Temple Stay in Seoul

You listen to just the audio of crickets as well as birds tweeting as you look at the sunlight beginning to peek via away distant, in addition to the relaxing audio of water dripping down the stream close by.

Sound like a desire? Well, this is a view you might have the ability to witness when you experience a holy place remain in Seoul.


What is a Temple Stay?

A holy place keep is a special social program that offers individuals the chance to experience the life of Buddhist specialists at conventional holy places. You can look for your real self as well as turn into one with nature, removing your mind via reflection, petition, as well as numerous tasks. Oriental Buddhism is a method of mind that aids invigorate the spirit as well as body.

Programs are presently supplied at greater than 50 various Buddhist holy places in numerous components of Korea. Each holy place has its very own program as well as tasks based upon its place as well as specific spiritual concentrates. You will certainly adhere to an organized routine as you discover the petitions, consume vegan food, as well as participate in the early morning as well as night events. Spiritual or otherwise, every person rates to remain for as brief as a day to an entire week.

Main Activities

1. Yebul: Ceremonial Service

‘ Yebul’ is one of the most vital occasion in the everyday regimen of Korean holy places, with individuals paying their areas to the Buddha preserved in the Dharma hall 3 times a day. The mentors are duplicated prior to dawn, at 10: 00 in the early morning, as well as at night. It is the primary event that controls the day so it is gone to by every person in the holy place substance.

The Heart Sutra as well as Buddhist incantation read out loud, 108 compliances to the Buddha are performed, as well as the Dharma drum, Buddhist bell, wood fish drum, as well as cloud-shaped gong are stricken in order. The compliances signify a clean slate, clearing you of greed, rage, as well as lack of knowledge as you discover the specific rules as well as activities for bowing.

2. Chamseon: Zen Meditation


Zen is called ‘seon’ in Korean. Chamseon is a kind of reflection that permits individuals to review themselves. There are 2 types of reflection that you can select from, which are ‘jwaseon (seated reflection)’ as well as ‘haengseon (strolling reflection).’ Monks will certainly advise you on the appropriate stance.

Jwaseon will certainly have you resting silently as you concentrate your mind on searching for tranquility in mind, typically occurring on holy place premises. On the various other hand, haengseon will certainly be held outside as you mosey as well as progressively around an attractive nature place.

3. Barugongyang: Monastic Meal

Barugongyang is a special as well as unique method of consuming in Korean holy places. Dishes are consumed in total silence as well as not a solitary grain of rice or decrease of water is thrown away. You just placed on your location what you can complete. Take care not to drink or make any type of clinking sounds with your tools as you consume.

As it protests Buddhist ideas to injure pets, the food is vegan as well as comprised of primarily seasonal veggies which will certainly clean both the heart and soul. Nonetheless, boosting foods such as onions as well as garlic are prevented as they are believed to produce warmth, sidetracking the mind from reflection. Barugongyang instructs the value of consuming food with treatment as well as admiration. You are cost-free to choose several rounds as the suggestion is not to go starving, yet instead just not to waste.

4. Dado: Tea Ceremony


‘ Dado (tea event)’ is just one of the earliest custom-mades in Korea that includes the procedure of steaming as well as offering tea. Typical tea gets rid of the mind and body, as well as the event concentrates on spiritual awakening which signifies filtration, absorption, as well as reflection. Making the tea as well as cleaning the mugs is all component of Buddhist training.

To appreciate the tea, start by concentrating on the audio of water boiling, after that unwind as you inhale its comforting scent as well as see the soft as well as refined shades. Finally, really feel the heat of the tea emit via the mug as you gradually enjoy the preference.

Temples Offering Temple Stay Programs in English

As holy place keep programs have actually come to be significantly preferred amongst immigrants, an increasing number of areas are performing their programs in English so individuals can recognize the definition as well as ideas behind the techniques.

1. Jogyesa Temple

The head holy place of the Jogye order in Korean Buddhism is Jogyesa Temple, situated in the heart of the city in Insadong The holy place premises are bordered by metropolitan structures, a wonderful getaway from the large city for both residents as well as international travelers as well as practical to see. It is specifically loaded with site visitors throughout the Lotus Lantern Festival when the whole yard is decorated with paper lights.

Take an appearance at the holy place keep programs supplied below!

2. Bongeunsa Temple


This 1,200- year-old holy place in Samseong-dong, Gangnam was the head holy place for Seon Buddhism throughout the rough injustice of Buddhism by the Confucian-favoring Joseon Dynasty. You might assume that the majority of holy places lie in the remote countryside, yet Bongeunsa has mass allure as it is established versus the background of the contemporary sky line with Gangnam’s looming high-rises as well as blinking lights.

You can discover the holy place keep programs they have via this web link

3. Geumsunsa Temple


Geumsunsa lies in the north of Seoul as well as comes from the Jogye Order. Loving over 600 years of background, this place is just one of the biggest Buddhist holy place complicateds in Korea as well as essentially implies ‘gold hill holy place.’ It includes a three-story structure called Mireukjeon which contains the globe’s biggest interior sculpture, which stands at 11.82 meters.

To locate even more regarding the holy place keep program information, click below

4. Hwagyesa Temple

Located at the foot of Samgak Mountain in the north of Seoul, Hwagyesa Temple is bordered by lovely hills as well as landscapes that produce a peaceful ambience to assist site visitors get away from metropolitan life. A little water springtime called Oktakcheon beside the holy place is well-known for its mythological recovery powers for the skin as well as tummy illness. Tales claim the springtime was created from crows pecking away at the rocks.

Check out the holy place keep program routine below

5. International Seon (Zen) Center

The International Seon (Zen) Center is a reflection as well as Buddhist proliferation training facility in addition to a knowing center for Buddhist social techniques. Its general objective is to advertise understanding of the worth of Korean Buddhism as well as its techniques to the international area. It lies in Mokdong. Schedule a holy place keep experience at this place below.

Book a holy place keep experience at this place below

6. Gilsangsa Temple

Gilsangsa Temple is positioned on the southerly side of Samgak Mountain in north Seoul. Initial signed up in 1995, several of the structures have actually been redesigned though the majority of still maintain their initial state. Lots of people regular the holy place as it is easily situated in the heart of Seoul. It additionally works as a midtown social room, supplying several programs like courses on Buddhist mentors, holy place experience, as well as holy place keep.

You can locate the holy place keep program routine below

7. Myogaksa Temple

Myogaksa Temple is to the eastern of Seoul in the peaceful household area of Jongno-gu, Sungin-dong. Developed by Monk Taeheo Hongseon in 1930, it is hidden in the foothills of Naksan Mountain The place was picked based upon Feng Shui, with the idea that by being positioned on Naksan Mountain, it would certainly bring tranquility as well as joy to the homeowners of Seoul.

Find out even more regarding the holy place keep program below

+) Temple Stay in Incheon, near Seoul: Jeondeungsa Temple

Jeondeungsa holy place lies at the Ganghwa Island, which comes from Incheon city. The holy place is popular for having a lengthy background of around 1,700 years. Because the place is a little method off the town hall of Seoul, you will certainly really feel peace as well as calmness. Exactly how around leaving a dynamic city as well as leave for a holy place that has an attractive nature?

Check out much more regarding the holy place keep below

Temple Stay Etiquette & & Tips

Temples are a website of historical conservation in addition to an individual reflection. For that reason, it is extremely vital to maintain peaceful as well as abide by the regulations as well as laws.


1) Refrain from talking noisally, screaming, running, vocal singing or playing songs.

2) Physical get in touch with in between males and females is purely prohibited.

3) Eating as well as alcohol consumption in undesignated locations or while strolling are banned.

4) No eating periodontal, alcohol consumption alcohol or consuming meat or fish

5) No Smoking


* Use the right side doors to stroll right into each structure. Never ever go into via the center as this is for the monks just.

* Whenever you satisfy somebody, welcome them with a fifty percent bow. You have to additionally bow in the direction of the Buddha when going into as well as leaving the holy place.

* ‘Chasu’ is the stance utilized when strolling within a holy place or before a monk, depicting a simple mind as well as silence. Fold your right-hand man over your left hand at the facility of your stubborn belly to attain this stance.

* For Yaebul, go into the primary hall via the side door as well as do 3 complete bows dealing with the Buddha prior to remaining on your mind.

meditation 2.jpg

So exactly how regarding it? Locate tranquility in a serene setting far from your clamoring as well as hectic way of life, also if it’s simply for a day or more. The temple-stay programs will certainly offer you the possibility to experience as well as witness something that’s entirely various to what you’re utilized to– as well as you’re mosting likely to enjoy it.

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