Everland Q-PASS (Express Pass): Tips on Exactly How to Prevent Lengthy Line

As the biggest amusement park in Korea, Everland has actually been continually liked for its variety of destinations and also has actually turned into one of the must-visit locations for visitors seeing Korea.

Yet, it is essential to keep in mind that the lines for sure destinations at Everland can obtain unbelievably long, particularly on weekend breaks or throughout high-season. As an example, the line time for Everland’s most liked flight, the T-Express, can be about 2 hrs on active days! Nevertheless, this should not hinder you from seeing Everland, just like the Everland Q-Pass, there is no demand to fret about standing in line.

What is Everland Q-Pass?

The Everland Q-Pass is a fast-track pass that permits you to miss the line and also take pleasure in the tourist attraction as soon as possible when you intend to. There are 5 destinations in Everland where the Q-Pass can be made use of to miss the line. The 5 destinations are T-Express, Amazon World, Lost Valley, Panda World, and also Safari World. Read even more regarding each of the destinations listed below!

1. T-Express

T-Express, a thrilling wood roller rollercoaster that gets to the rate of 104 km/h as it goes down from a 77 level angle, is just one of the most frightening and also most-loved trips at Everland.

2. Amazon.com Express

At Amazon World, you will certainly have the ability to really feel the awesome sprinkles of water as the daring watercraft flight brings you along the wild river of the Amazon.

3. Lost Valley

At Lost Valley, you will certainly obtain a special opportunity to ride a bus that operates on water to obtain a better sight of over 300 pets of 20 various types.

4. Panda World

Pandas are pets that are incredibly difficult ahead by. The good news is for you, at Panda World, you will certainly have the ability to see not simply one, however 2, lovable gigantic pandas.

5. Safari World

At Safari World, you will certainly have the ability to fulfill the globe’s fiercest pets, such as lions, tigers, and also births, incredibly close-up!

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