Discovering Botswana – Immensity, intensity, a breath of eternity, which sums up the extraordinary feeling of a surprising confrontation with the origin of humanity

Discovering Botswana

Botswana, a country in southern Africa, attracts travelers looking for authentic nature and adventure holidays. A preserved destination of mass tourism, it invites you to discover its natural richness and traditions.

Located in the south of the African continent and surrounded by South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia, Botswana is the “land of the Tswanas”. This name is taken from the main ethnic group of the country. Under the protectorate of the British in the late 19th century, the country became autonomous only in 1964. From this period of colonization, Botswana maintained the practice of English as an official language, while Tswana is the most widely spoken language. . The most represented religions in Botswana are Christianity and cults derived from traditional beliefs.



The culture of the country is marked by religions, but also by traditions centered on crafts, music and dance. During your stay in Botswana, discover these local customs by being seduced by objects mainly basketry and ceramics. Your holiday in Botswana is also an opportunity to attend traditional dance and music shows.

Large natural spaces
Botswana is rich in unspoiled natural areas shared among wildlife reserves, majestic waterfalls, rivers, deserts and savannahs. In the Okavango Delta, you will discover a vegetation of palm trees, reeds and sausage trees and a rich fauna that includes elephants, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, rhinos, impalas … a safari Tours in Botswana will also take you to the spectacular Victoria Falls on the Namibian border. Enjoy your trip to Botswana to explore the Kalahari Desert, where you will meet the Bushmen, the first people in southern Africa.


Luxury tourism

Enjoy a luxury trip to Botswana with a four-star tour in magical places like Chobe National Park. You’ll enjoy a trip dotted with authentic moments in the heart of Botswana’s wild landscapes and comfortable hotel breaks offering high-end services. Personalized tours in Botswana do not stay out, they guarantee you a unique trip built according to your wishes.


Botswana Africa Safaris and travel - Immensity, intensity, a breath of eternity, which sums up the extraordinary feeling of a surprising confrontation with the origin of humanity

The story of my trip to Botswana African wildlife safaris started with Ultimate African Safari tour package from Inspiring Vacations ( It can’t begin with “Once Upon a Time”, it begins with “Since the world is a world … Faced with these untouched landscapes, we immediately feel that it is our ancestral fear. nature that will be domesticated and especially not of other species … After Johannesburg, we landed in Maun, small enclave: huts piled in the middle of a great plain, and the runway where you will find a squadron station Taxi planes, cockpit whiteness, 5 seats, friendly pilot and first thrill in the roar after take-off As far as the eye can see, large dishes poisoned by the spheres of salty and large lakes, craters with metal reflections. in a lunar, arid, dry landscape, there is suddenly a thin coastline to which the plane turns and then flies at low altitude to dislodge the zebras, the impalas that sit in the open. of this cracked land, on the edge of a dry lake appears the camp. Canvas tents blend with decoration.

Here as in every accommodation of the trip, without impact, neither ecological nor visual on the environment. It is inside that everything is planned to magnify these moments of exception, this privilege of an intimate, sensual and personal meeting, without any promiscuity, with an exceptional environment. It is not a refuge, but a nest: royal bedding, a secretary to write your feelings, carpets on the floor, hot water in the private bathroom. As night falls, we hear the silence, only the wind murmurs.

We forgot your watch. The sunrise will unfold its magic, border the blurry contours of unreal colors, the dew bees will evaporate in less than half an hour. The horizon widens, the sky clears. We’re going to get lost. The guide takes us to discover the African desert, populated by very friendly jackals, hennecs and meerkats. Buffaloes, wildebeest, zebras migrate once a year and giraffes enjoy it all year round. Regardless of the length of stay, when the plane returns, we anticipate nostalgia… Flight to the Khwai region, alternating between green forests and herbaceous savannah areas … We raised near a village of about fifty just individuals. Owners of the land, they are our hosts, benevolent and protective, because here the great felines reinin. A multitude of thin impalas is at his mercy. Safaris are on foot, accompanied by armed guides. One is based on the other, the adrenaline increases, but everything is controlled, the danger is contained by ancestral knowledge.


The last stop is in the mythical Okavango Delta. Here the green is a mystery that was pierced less than a century ago. The presence of water in the dry season is a blessing for the animals. At night we hear leopard noises, buffalo rubbing against camp piles on stilts. In Mokoro, a fragile canoe maneuvered by a long stick, one is dropped at the water’s edge, vulnerable and fascinated, among the lilies of the flowering lilies. Crocodiles are being watched, colorful fishermen martines fly from papyrus to papyrus. On the shore we can see the race of the lechwes and the game of the baboons. The eye is misplaced, the horizon melts, the immense sky suspended like a sheet is pierced by the flight of the white herons. We would like time to freeze; But contrary to appearances, here it also follows its inexorable course


Botswana - One of the top country to visit

Safari Places in Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls is a spectacular waterfall located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. The falls is also in close proximity to Botswana and all its major attractions. Victoria Falls allure attracts the attention of thousands of tourists, and is regarded as one of the must-see during an unforgettable African safari.

Access Victoria Falls is by scenic road or air transfers and accommodations is offered at luxury lodges. Victoria Falls activities includes tours of the falls, whitewater rafting, game drives and cultural tours. See below for Botswana safari tours that include Victoria Falls adventures.

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Victoria Falls Safari -The ultimate guide to your next Victoria Falls safari

Victoria Falls is an attractive destination, with travelers from around the world eager to see the mighty Victoria Falls in all its glory. Regarded as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls is a once in a lifetime destination, offering world-class accommodation and a wide variety of cultural and adventure activities.

While there are a host of incredible experiences to enjoy in the immediate surrounds of Victoria falls, what many travelers don’t know about Victoria Falls is that it nestles in both Zambia and Zimbabwe, which are regarded to be two of Africa’s top safari destinations. Each host the most incredible national parks and private wildlife sanctuaries. Here are some of the best safaris near Victoria Falls.

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